Fitted Sliding Wardrobes

Modern Fitted Sliding Wardrobes

Our fitted sliding wardrobes are tailored to fit with your bedroom design. Most bedrooms have a unique style, whatever your taste our fitted sliding wardrobes can be customised to suit. From the traditional classic sliding door look to modern oriental fitted wardrobes, Supafits designs can suit any bedroom.

Stylish on the outside, the bold and modern design of our fitted sliding wardrobes brings an urban vibe to any home, seamlessly fitting into the trickiest of spaces. Slide the doors back to reveal a vast hanging and shelving area that stretches from floor to ceiling.

When it comes to storage, Supafits designers take almost as long to design the interior of your fitted sliding wardrobe as they do in crafting the exterior. Our smart storage solutions are flexible, built to last and effortlessly stylish too. And because no two bedrooms are the same, everything we do is designed around you, your personal tastes and your living space.

Smarter storage for compact or awkward spaces

If your sleeping space is limited, our clever front frame interior solution can help you make the most of unusual shaped rooms such as angled ceilings and chimney breasts. We’ll give you wall to wall and floor to ceiling storage.

Luxury storage for simple spaces

Designed with an uncompromising attention to detail, each storage section is elegantly enclosed, keeping your clothes dust-free and giving you truly flexible storage options.

Space saving sliders for modern living

If you’ve set your heart on a modern minimal design, our fitted sliding wardrobes provide a stylish alternative to standard storage and maximise your available space. Each fitted sliding wardrobe have handy moveable shelves that let you organise your clothes your way.

Our fitted sliding wardrobes have a wide selection of doors and finishes available with over 20 coloured glasses, some decorative glasses, 3 types of mirror and over 30 wood grain finishes available either as a single panel door or to mix and match to create the perfect look for your room.